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N.B.: For Australian customers only!

  Water Purifiers             Low Radiation Phones     and Handsets   
Recycled PET bags          RFID shielding               Solar Oven 
  Solar Chargers                Bokashi

WE HAVE CLOSED, but still have a little stock of these and other green products and eco homewares :  like LED bulbs and torches, stainless steel drink bottles, stainless steel lunch-boxes, bokashi composting, Energy cost meters, bamboo singlets, T-shirts & towels, solar ovens, water filters, low radiation handsets, etc
Referrals to professional, long-standing, reliable companies for solar, insulation, solar attic coolers.
EMR / RF measurements for home or office, recycled plastic furniture, bollards and pickets, etc, etc.
Eco-Mixpo (R) was an eco health education service and retailer
of environmentally-friendly products and services. 

call to arrange free delivery of last products within 10km of 3186
N.B.: For Australian customers only!
ecomixpo (at)

We want to help you save money and: make pure water, get RF radiation away from your head, use furniture, tissues and bags made from recycled material, use alternatives to cotton, avoid plastic, use solar power, save water, use natural cosmetics and cleaners and find out about about insulation etc                 

Storefront Closed
Our storefront is now closed.
Linited stock still available with free delivery ti Bayside, Glen Eira and Kingston

Closing Down
Eco-Mixpo is closing its retail store in Jasper Rd.
Big clearance sale until 11.5. !! Up to 50% off
Open Mon 10-4:30, Tues, Wed 1-3:30, Thurs 10-3:30, Fri 1-3:30

Italian court rules brain tumour caused by mobile use
An Italian court ruled that mobile phone use caused a brain tumour.  Here is an article:
The Guardian notes that it is not the first case in the world.

Clearance SALE
10 - 70% off selected items!  Limited stock.
Clearing bamboo Ts, socks, singlets, ePure phones, low radiation handsets!

By appointment
Call O42O 7O5l9l and we will be there asap to open the shop for you. Otherwise call for free delivery to Melbourne Bayside, Glen Eira or Kingston.
Presently open also Mon, Thurs, Fri 2:30-3:30 and Tues 2:45-3:30

Stop SA nuclear waste dump
Our gov plans to build a nuclear waste dump in SA. This would contaminate the area and water table for 300,000 years and encourage more nuclear power.
Sign the ACF petition here.

Rescue Food
If your local supermarket is throwing food away. Get them to donate it to  Rescuing food and feeding the needy. Donations welcome.

10% OFF for home demo hosting
Host an Eco-Mixpo demo at your home for 5% off the entire range.  Get a few friends or a parents' group at your school together and we will come to you and explain RF Radiation, water filter options and Mineral Makeup.  Orders will be delivered FREE OF CHARGE to your door in Bayside, Kingston or Glen Eira (Vic, Australia)

Eco Healing Massage Winners
Winners of our Eco Healing Massage from the Harvest Festival Draw are Kimberly and Cheryl. They have been contacted to make an appointment to redeem. Congratulations!

ACF fighting to save the Reef
Keep an eye on the blog at to track their progress on the court case to stop the Carmichael mine destroying the Barrier Reef.
Support the Australian Conservation Foundation if you wish to help.  Signing the election pledge will show interest to your candidates

Free soil testing
Worried about heavy metal contamination of your vege patch? Free soil testing at Macquarie Uni

Moved to 336 Jasper Rd, Ormond
Open Sat 10-2 and by appointment.
0420 705191

Mineral Make-Up Demo

Eco Mineral Make-up demo on Thurs 28.5. from 1 to 2pm. This wonderful make-up is Australian-made and gentle enough for sensitive skin.  100% natural - no fillers. 
Limited places.

Southern FM 88.3 Living Consciously
Thank you to Tracey at 88.3 Southern FM for a fun morning on her Living Consciously show. (10-11 am Tuesdays)

Earth Hour 2015
Eco-Mixpo will be having a stall at the Highett Earth Hour Community Picnic at Turner Road Reserve from 6:30pm on the 28/03. Help raise awareness of global warming! Click here for details.

Free Seminar

Free presentation on EMR/RF Radiation in the home. How it is formed and how to avoid over-exposure from microwave ovens, mobile phones, ipads, dongles etc. 

Friday, 20.3. from 8pm until 9:30 in Brighton VIC
LIMITED PLACES call  (03) 903 62243 to book

FareShare & Foodbank
Rescuing food prevents waste.  Donate at to help salvage food for those in need.

LED Burn !
Warning:  LEDs don't go with conventional dimmers! They can even singe or maybe burn.

Avoid fly-by-nighters
Finding responsible, long-standing, reliable businesses can be tricky in the jungle of fly-by-nighters.
Ask us for referrals for solar, insulation, solar attic coolers, heat reflecting roof painting etc.

Report Smart Meter malfunction?
Just heard of a case where smart meters may be working incorrectly.  One lady had heart problems when near it, had it measured, and the readings were often off the scale.  If RF measurements are too high (they can be done by, complaints can be lodged at the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
Under "Radiation Protection", last point at the bottom page -> "Reporting a Health or Safety Concern"

NEW: LEDs and bamboo
We have a great range of LEDs now in stock.  Bamboo singlets are going fast!

New! Bags & ipad covers
made from recycled billboards and recycled PET

Petition for Environment Victoria

Like us on Facebook for 5% off all stock until 22.2.2013

Recycled PET
We now also have bags made from recycled PET plastic bottles.

RF/EMR Seminar
Radiation in the Home by RF Engineer Stefan Burger.  Microwaves, mobiles, power-lines explained simply with time for questions in a small group.
Limited places.  Bookings

Solar Phone Chargers
Ideal for Christmas - Solar phone chargers - power when you need it and your phone is out of battery.